Van Life is an alternate way of living. It is a primal and an attempt to anecdote "Living Simply, Simply Living" in reality. A worldwide movement where people are transforming vans into a place they can call rolling home. It is a revolutionary practice for explorers and wanderers as they can be on the run every time with their home.


Hopes in a Caravan: It is the first chapter under Project One Life. An expedition in which we covered 10,000 Kilometers across 9 states of India in 45 days. Van Life is the rudimentary part of it. During this journey, we did charity work and volunteered in various care homes for children, and senior citizens who are abandoned by their families.
Our sole motive behind ‘Hopes in a Caravan’ is to spread love among poor and elderly. We visited several orphanages, old age homes,slums and kids living on streets to listen to their struggles and give a helping hand by providing them food and love.  
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